Go SuperSonic – The Sweet End to a Bittersweet Year.

Go Supersonic!

Go Supersonic!

A Festival With Heart – Basith aka DJ NVVE

Yes, Supersonic kicked off yesterday (December 26, 2013) and here is my wish for you!

The festival season in India is always one of the happiest times of the year.. and this year it has been even more special. Nikhil, Pearl are organizing the first ever VH1 Supersonic in Goa and it will be one of those iconic moments that will last for a lifetime. With a lineup that can match any international big scale festival, Supersonic will be a 5 day journey filled with memories, good times and a lot of love. It is a festival with heart, as has been said by my good friend Basith. It is a festival that is about bringing people together and about dancing on the sandy beaches, with no inhibitions, with no hidden agendas – just a group of people who have loved Nikhil  for the last 10 years and are here to support the hard work he’s put into making this festival all about us.. the people and the fans who love their dance music.

To be a part of this event is something special, to be with friends who come from all over the country and the world for 5 days and making memories – that is the cornerstone of Supersonic. The lineup of course has something for everyone, and you know that you’ll be dancing.. and jumping and being lost in the music you love.

To say that I’m not going to be part of this milestone event is something that pains me. It isn’t about not wanting to go, it is about not being able to go, owing to a lot of constraints at my end. To miss seeing Above & Beyond, Max Graham, Protoculture and of course my IDOL BT is gut wrenching. Every time I think I can see BT live, be able to talk to him and hug him – it doesn’t work out. And once again, I will miss it. It isn’t just about the artists, it is about being able to support Pearl & Nikhil. It is about extending my love for the people who have made dance music the cornerstone of their lives. I am heartbroken, but I know that in spirit, I will be there and I know my friends will be dancing on my behalf (especially when my 3 favorite men play..)

So, to everyone that has already reached Goa, or is enroute, here is my end of the wish for you – go there, forget your problems, smile, laugh, hug someone. Bring a smile to someone’s face, spend time with the people you love, and maybe come back with a whole lot of new memories.

I love you guys, and I know that Supersonic will be one of the highlights for all of you to end 2013. Miss me, and remember, just DANCE. 🙂

Happy 2014 everyone.


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