“You’re Toxic I’m Slipping Under.”

Poison Paradise.


Toxic: [tok-sik] – adjective:
1. Acting or having the effect of poison; poisonous
2. harmful or deadly.

Britney Spears summed it up perfectly in this one line ‘ I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic?’ and I’m sure you all know that there is some truth to that statement. You and I both know that we’re attracted or are ‘addicted’ to everything that is harmful for us – be it alcohol, contraband substances, food – but what about a toxic person? Do we have someone in our lives (let’s try and look at it objectively) that is like poison – yet we always keep them around? Or do we just turn a blind eye to this person and their toxicity? Are we so foolishly addicted to this one person that no matter how much they hurt the people around us we turn a blind eye towards it and allow them to take away the people that are more important to us? If you’re living in denial (which a lot of us do), you need to take a moment and look back to see if this person really does exist in your life..

That one person – you know they’re bad for you, you know they can cause some kind of harm, yet, you keep them around. Why? Because it is a universal truth – you always want something that isn’t good for you – they’re your own personal drug. The relationship can be in any form, and you know you they’re bad for you, but you can’t (or won’t) let them go.

Have you looked back and wondered the extent of the harm the person could have caused in your life or have you turned a blind eye towards it? Have they taken complete control over your life that you think what they’re doing isn’t ‘wrong’ per se and they’re supposedly looking out for you? If there is someone like that in your life, I’d say you need to possibly reassess your relationship with them. But if you’re firmly of the belief that everyone AROUND them are the ones causing harm, then I can only say – good luck.

This toxic person is one who does everything with a purpose. They want to show you that if a new person walks into your life, they’re ‘bad’ for you – because they want you all to themselves. They want to do everything in their power to take out the people who are positively influencing your life so that they can continue to poison your life. I know this sounds very harsh, but the truth is, I’ve experienced this first hand and to break away from it, takes a lot of will-power, strength and resilience. But one can ONLY break away if they reflect upon how this one person causes grief, drama and harm in one’s life. It’s like going cold turkey – the pain, the want, the withdrawal is the worst feeling, but in order to over come it, you HAVE to resist it.

To sum up – to resist the toxicity of just one person is hard – sometimes, they come into your life being the sweetest, kindest and most compassionate person there is – but slowly it becomes a sweet poison – that takes over your life and kills your positivity and a part of your thinking slowly..Stop. Reflect. Look back. See the damage caused. Don’t think with your heart. Think with your head. Did this kind of negativity and harm exist when they weren’t around? No? Red flag alert!! Flush them out of your system – start looking at the people who actually love and care for you and don’t want to harm you and stop listening to the wrong people. Maybe you’ll realize that there is one person who is doing this in your life and you’ll break away from them – hopefully it can stop doing more damage to you and the people who genuinely care for you..Good luck.


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