The Cupcake Project


All you need is Cupcakes.

So I know that all of you love cupcakes (okay, not all but at least a bunch of you do..) – and they’re available all over now, so much so that I feel we’re reaching a saturation point of the overwhelming amount of cupcake options!

So I want to, this year, start something called the cupcake project. How will we make it different from the rest? Well, simple. I want inputs from all of YOU. What are the cupcakes that you really like and can’t seem to get a hold of here? What cupcakes have you tasted that you’d love to have repeatedly? How about a cupcake that describes YOU?

How about a cupcake combination that you don’t often see, but still feel is a good option? What cupcake would make you the happiest? What about aesthetic appeal? I’m looking for a lot of ideas here, and definitely something that you want to see!

I’d love inputs and feedback from you (whether you think i’m talking from my butt or whether the idea is legit).. whether you like the idea and your ideal cupcake. Who knows, this may be something I can accomplish in 2014!

Thank you! x

You can send me your ideas by filling in the form below 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Cupcake Project

    • Shilpa S. Shah says:

      I found the image online – my attempt at making rainbow cupcakes was a bit worse for wear.. but I did make a really good cookie dough stuffed cupcake with cookie dough frosting. I’m experimenting with making the cupcakes about people and their personalities (if that makes any sense?)

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