“You’re My Favorite Mistake”

You and I Breaking Ties..

You and I Breaking Ties..

“A teachable spirit and a humbleness to admit your ignorance or your mistake will save you a lot of pain. However, if you’re a person who knows it all, then you’ve got a lot of heavy-hearted experiences coming your way.” – Ron Carpenter Jr.

Do we like to think we know how to handle our relationships? Do we feel like we are perfect and absolutely correct in the way we treat a person in a relationship? Can we do no wrong? Yes? Then think again. The minute you always feel you’re right and let your ego come in the way, you are setting yourself up for grave disappointment. And if you read this and scoff, you probably need an attitude adjustment.

I always believe that breaking a relationship of any sort, always leaves us with a wound, but like always, that wound heals – even if it takes a considerable amount of time. Finally, when we’re OK, we sit and look back on what went wrong (or the mistakes we made) so that we can improve upon the rest – and hopefully avoid it in the next relationship.. But as always sometimes we just feel that we’re doing things perfectly right, we know EXACTLY how to handle it..and that what we do has a 100% success rate in handling the situation. RED FLAG alert!! This ISN’T the case! You just THINK you know the best way to handle it – but not everyone can respond to it as well. In some cases your methods work brilliantly, in some, you’re going to dig a bigger grave.

It’s about finding an amicable solution. It’s about giving the other person closure. It’s about clearing things up and moving on. Don’t think by zero confrontation, you’re going to let the problem go away. It won’t work that way. Even if you think it is a temporary solution – it isn’t going to be the permanent one. Try and figure things out before you think you’re right. You might just get a better idea of what the problem is, how to handle it and maybe find a better solution.

I just feel a little sad that people take so many drastic measures to ‘resolve’ a situation. I’ve said this time and time again – sometimes, the best way to solve a situation is by bringing everything out in the open, being blunt and forthright. Maybe – just maybe things will get a little bit better if we talk..but holding out your ego and pretending you know what’s best – there’s the problem.


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