The “Reverb” Nation.


A concept by Nishant Nagesh, Basith Noor & Nikhil Nulkar.

What happens when you take 3 extremely talented, intelligent and creative guys who just happen to love electronic dance music and want to share the love with the world through their eyes? You get not ‘just’ another documentary, not just another blog, but you get the heart and soul of the essence of the industry – the people who work at the forefront and behind the scenes. You get to know more about how the scene isn’t just about parties and DJs – but it is about how it moves people, how it changes lives and how it is a lifestyle for many people. Three special guys – Nikhil, Nishant and Basith – sat down together and came up with a concept that reaches out to the fans, the people and the listeners of this wonderful genre and give back to the community that has touched the lives of many. With all of the above in mind, Reverb TV was born which the boys say is “something that conveys more than just the source of the music – it captures everything around it and let it be heard to the masses.”

With Reverb TV –  a collective of 3 individuals – each who bring something unique to the table have put their heads together to give you a series which provides a real in-depth look into the exponentially growing dance music industry in India. Says Basith, “the three of us [Nikhil, Nishant and myself] have similar values, but our perspectives on how we approach each thought, idea and concept is completely different. This is what makes the entire process of making each episode distinctive – our individual ideas and approaches to the episodes and the series as a whole.”

All three of the boys have their own skill set, which adds to the originality of the series – “Nishant,” says Basith, “plays a major role in shooting and editing the entire episode and Nikhil and I assist in the shooting process. Collectively, we brainstorm to formulate questions for the audience [that they’d like to hear] as well as individually conceptualize our ideas for each episode.”

Basith adds to the narrative aspect and usually takes over your Social Media feeds, whereas Nikhil filters through each full-length video to pick out key moments and invaluable information that would fit into each episode.

You might be wondering – “How is this any different from the other several DJ documentaries that are available to us all?” Well, here’s where it gets interesting – “The Dance Music Industry” say the boys, “has so many negative sentiments attached to it – we want to break the norm and that very prejudice and show, through each of our episodes the blood, sweat and tears that the producers put into their compositions as well as the performers who go out there and give it their all.” Over and above that, their ideology is to show you that it isn’t just about the DJ, but the next guy who makes the performance for you, the audience so memorable. From the sound engineer, to the person handling the pyrotechnics – every aspect of this exploding scene is being captured by the boys at Reverb. And eventually, they hope to educate the younger generation of dance music lovers who haven’t been exposed to some of the more iconic moments that shape the industry as it is today.

And to add to that Basith emphasizes “We hope to unfold the stories of the people – the bouncers, the bartenders – each of whom have an important role in this industry – something the fans need to be made aware of. And the fans – of course – they play as big a role in the industry as everyone else!”

The first episode of Reverb TV focuses on the life, the music and the journey of one of India’s most loved DJs  -Tuhin Mehta who the boys say, “has supported us from Day 0 and has boosted our confidence and believed in us right from the onset.” The idea for the first ever episode came from a day of ‘monkeying’ around on Twitter about doing a small video shoot and Tuhin was the one that pushed them into making it. “Tuhin,” say the guys, “is someone who will go out and out and  completely support you if he believes in it and if he’s involved with it, he does it with a 100% and doesn’t expect anything in return.” His kindness, his support and his hard work in the dance music industry is also one of the main reasons that the boys wanted to focus on this talented young man. The best part of the episode? “No scantily clad women on the dancefloor, “ say Basith & Nikhil, “but it is actually our contribution to give back what the scene has done for us – even if there are similar ventures, we aren’t here to compete, we just want to add our own support to show our gratitude for a scene that has become a lifestyle for us.” We cannot wait to see what the entire episode will be like!

The plan for 2014? “Well,” say the guys, “we hope to go outside of our hometown of Bangalore and capture stories and moments from the other cities in India.” They also hope to reveal a few more untold stories, meet many people and faces that shape the industry as it is today, “and also do lots of video shoots, stitch stories, write narrations and such.” And “buy a few hard drives too.” Adds Basith with a laugh. More power to you boys!

To round things up, “Reverb TV,” the boys muse, “may not fully ‘impact’ the dance music culture but we hope that we can do justice to this beautiful musical journey we are on.” The thought of giving back to a culture that has impacted the lives of many, brought people together, and taken each of us on a journey is the cornerstone of Reverb TV and the future looks bright for these wonderful and talented boys. Good luck guys – there are some of us who will constantly support and love what you do! All the best and wishing you all the success! X

So here’s something a little fun I did with the boys:
Q. If you had to sit down and describe the other person in one word –
A. Yum. This is fun. (I can only assume that was you Basith!)

Basith thinks:

Nishant – Workhorse.
Nikhil – Philosopher.

Nikhil thinks:

Nishant – Genius!
Basith – Gem!

Nishant thinks:

Basith – Star
Nikhil – Navigator

And as a special surprise.. I got Tuhin to send out a special message for the boys. Here you go! Surprise!! 🙂

Enjoy :))


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