The Politics of Giving Zero F@#*%.

This post comes from a place of hurt and anger.. and yes, you can call it a ‘whine’ or a ‘complaint’ or me just being negative.

The truth is, I’m sick to my teeth of how surreptitiously (or not), you are alienated from people, for doing two things:

  1. Being nice, and genuinely nice apparently makes you either a kiss-ass, suck up or just probably wanting to get into somebody’s pants, or for having an ulterior motive. Apparently, the notion of being you, being a good person is one that is foreign to most people.
  2. Being opinionated and speaking your mind is a ‘bad’ thing. If you’re vocal about it, and don’t beat around the bush, you’re going to be slammed by people. They’ll call you ‘negative’. They’ll call you ‘whiney’. They’ll call you ‘keyboard warrior’. Just the titles we were going for.

There’s something far worse in all of this though – I’m sensitive, and I take things personally – shouldn’t be admitting this here, but this is something that most of my friends know. Luckily for me, not everyone has used my sensitivity as a weak point. Some have. And some have used it to such an extent that they can berate, rile, and make me feel like complete shit. And unfortunately a big drawback is that I react.. something that gets these people to make me feel worse than I already do.

It’s unfortunate that folks like to use people’s weaknesses to make themselves feel better. What’s worse, is that these wonderful people are the ones who enjoy passing snide comments in your direction, being absolutely bitchy towards you, and then laughing behind your back, because you reacted. Everyone has their flaws, folks – but guess what, not everyone is as sadistic as you.

I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what I do, people will still talk. People will still be condescending assholes. People will still try and fuck me over. Earlier, so that people wouldn’t ‘hate’ me after what I’ve said, I would try and be nice about their remarks and then apologize (even though I shouldn’t). I’m beginning to realize people see that as a vantage point. But the problem is, giving zero fucks will also make people hate you or not stop them from being cruel, and mean.

I can’t please everyone – so right now, giving absolutely NO fucks is on top priority.

To everyone who used my sensitivity as a way to make yourselves feel better, and pick on me because of that.. let me introduce you to my middle finger.

Have a super day.
Rant for today, over.


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