A journey of re-discovery made me the best version of myself

Recently I noticed that there’s been a definite upturn in my life.
My first reaction was, ‘This is too good to be true.’
My second reaction was, ‘I feel better than I ever have.’

So, instead of being maudlin and wondering about the why, I began to embrace the now and started living for the moment, living with the belief that these changes are all part of my shift in how I look at things. And it’s taught me more than I could have ever learnt in the last 3 years.

I went to Europe a couple of weeks ago on a holiday/work trip and before I embarked on this journey, I could already see a few positive changes occurring in my daily life. I tread with caution, but I slowly started accepting that these things are happening to me because it’s part of a bigger plan, and instead of pondering too much over it, I just let myself enjoy every aspect of it.

Europe impacted me this time around in a way I hadn’t expected. I think it had to do a lot with some of the conversations I had, and the people I was with – I began seeing versions of myself that I had lost over the last couple of years and it began to make so much more sense that all of this, is leading me to where I’m supposed to be, what I’m supposed to be doing – but it taught me so much more…

1. I lived in the moment

I stopped fretting over my past, and I stopped thinking too much about the future. When I started living in the now (Eckhart Tolle once again.), I saw things differently. I realized that I was happy. I was carefree, I was seizing moments like I had never before. All because I started worrying less about things that have already happened, and about things that haven’t happened yet. Simply put – living in the present will completely change how you look at life and your surroundings.

2. I started being ME and not anyone else’s version of me

This was so interesting to watch unfold honestly. I took a step back, and I started letting go  of everything that had been weighing me down for the last few months. I stopped treading on eggshells and started living the way I wanted to, and it began to impact me in a way I hadn’t imagined. I lived. I took things in my stride and I realized, I was beginning to be myself again. And it began impacting my relationships and all the people around me in such a positive way, that I saw myself in a new light.

3. I began to care less about what other people thought

Gosh, if you know me, you know that I have a tendency to do things and act based on people’s perception of me. So I started doing things and behaving in a way that I wanted to, and not because it was expected of me by people around me. I stopped worrying about what people would think of me if I acted in a certain way or anything that I did and I began to live for MYSELF.

4. I stopped trying to change situations

This one has been a bit tricky but, it’s been working. The more I was trying to change something that was probably beyond my control, the more it started having a negative impact on my life. Some things and some people will not change and it isn’t up to you or me to try and change them. You change only because YOU want to, and the quicker you accept it, it will begin to impact you in a positive way. I was happier knowing that the only person I have to change is MYSELF and that is numero uno. Everything and everyone else can take a backseat.

5. I stopped over thinking every little detail of things that were happening

I’m the worst over thinker in the world. And when I decided that over thinking every little detail was working against me, it changed me completely. Over thinking has been my number one nemesis, and before I started driving myself and others bat-shit crazy with my well-spun, ridiculous analogies, I took a step back and realized that it was doing more harm than good. The minute I began to over think less, I began to see life in a completely different light. Everything around me was so much more beautiful than I actually had perceived it to be. Stop overthinking, it is such a downer!

6. I began to seize the moment and believed that I could do whatever I set my heart to

One of the biggest things I realized was that opportunities are knocking at every corner and the best thing I could do was grab them. I could make a change in my life if only I kept my eyes open to the seemingly endless opportunities coming my way and doing something about it. I know I have a plan, and I have actually been channeling my energies towards seeing them through and making them come to life. This is so much more exciting than wondering about everything and everyone else.

7. I began a journey of re-discovery

This was probably the most important thing that occurred. When I stopped doing half of what I had been over the last few months, I began to re-discover myself. I stopped being a worry wart, I stopped being a downer, and I started LIVING. I started finding happiness from within. I started loving the person I could see myself becoming. I started being the person I was always meant to be – not for anyone else, but for myself. And it has been such a rush to discover that THIS is who I am, and THIS is what my life is all about and only I can do more of what makes me happy – without having people TELLING me what to do.

8. The best is yet to come

This is part of the journey. I know that henceforth, whatever happens the best is yet to come. This is just the beginning and I truly believe that the more positive I am in life, the happier I am going to be, and all these little moments are going to lead to the one big moment that will change things forever. And I don’t lose faith because I know what I want, and only I can make it happen. It’s about finding something that truly makes you happy and allowing all the positivity to shine through and accepting that YOU DESERVE THIS.

It’s been such a joy to discover that life is pretty amazing, and there have been a few people that have been part of it, and have just watched while I began to come out of my shell and be myself again. You know who you are, and without you, I wouldn’t be healing and being the person you know I always have been..

Stay positive. Believe in yourself. And seize the day. The world is your oyster and YOU are the king of your castle.

Be fierce.
Shilpa xoxo.



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