Loving me is tricky but you being there makes me a better person

I’m the kind of person that loves with her heart, and I give will 120%.
I know that sometimes I’m not the easiest person to deal with, but stick it out with me, and you’ll realize that all the ups and downs are nothing compared to how happy we will be.

There are days I might be a little more dramatic than you want to deal with.
There are days where I might lose my temper because of one tiny insignificant thing you said.
There are days I will just want my own space and not want anyone around.

But all this time, I am still thinking of you and how much I love you.

There are times where I might be unreasonable, I might even shout at you for something that logically makes no sense.
There will be days I will want your undivided attention even if I know you are busy.
When I ask you what you want for dinner, and you can’t make up your mind, it annoys me. And on some days I will make it known to you.
When I wear that dress and ask you how if I look fat and you say “no”, I might still get upset and say you’re not telling me the truth.

But even if I’m mad at you, I know that one look from you and I will forget everything and realize that you are my person.

I’m transparent, I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I’m upset, you will see it in my eyes and on my face. I will say what’s on my mind, and there are days I will sound illogical, but this is me.

You accepted me with all my shortcomings when you met me.

I can be myself around you, and I know you won’t leave. When I’m angry, you listen to me and tell me that you understand, and even if you don’t, just your presence and tone of voice makes me feel like you do.

I may be the girl that can be unreasonable at times, but I will always be by your side when you need me.
I will be the girl who knows that after a long day at work, you need some down time.
I’ll have your dinner ready when you walk through that door, and your favorite beverage.
I will be the girl that will ask you about your day and listen.
I will be the girl who will understand that silence speaks louder than words and all I can do is come and lie next to you.
I will be the girl who will hug you and shower you with kisses, because I can.
I will be the one who will support you through your dark days and your good ones, and be there the best way I can.
I will be the girl that will be silly, and try and make you laugh when you’re having a bad day.
I will always be loyal to you and defend you when others may not be kind.
I will love you unconditionally and do everything I can to make you happy. This is my promise.

I may be a handful at times, but I know that you being with me makes me happier than I’ve ever been, makes me a better person, and you make my world complete.




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