It’s time to shine in 2017!

Happy 2017 everyone!

I’m back with a new year of ramblings and musings, and this time I’m hoping they’re a bit more inspirational, fun, and humorous.

Every year brings about new changes and challenges, lots of ups and downs but it boils down to whether we’ve grown from the previous year’s experiences or we’re still stuck in the same routined life. I had a bit of a poke around and then sort of threw together a few possible new things you could try doing in 2017 that perhaps is a little outside of your comfort zone.

  • Leave the negativitiy of 2016 in 2016.
    So much easier said and done I know. Bad experiences? Learn and move on from them. It’s always nice to start afresh so don’t carry forward into the new year anything that was weighing you down previously.
  • Instead of whining about everything, appreciate the positives.
    If I had a dime every time someone told me, “I still feel so upset over….” I’d be a billionaire. I whine sometimes. I crib and grumble, but I do not use it in every day conversation. So try this: instead of wallowing in self-pity and finding every reason to complain, start a conversation with, “I’m really glad I got to…”, not only will you emanate positivity, you will make people want to be around you and share your joy.
  • Take a solo holiday.
    I cannot stress how much important this is. A solo holiday puts a lot of things into perspective, and gives you a fresh lease on life. It opens your eyes to endless possibilities and more so, it makes you go to new and exciting places. And you’ll want to do it again. And again.
  • Letting things be as they are in this moment and time.
    If something good is happening in your life don’t try and accelerate it. I know that the intial excitement of something finally falling into place is a moment of pure joy and we want it to just all come together overnight. There’s a reason we are in this space and time and things are taking their time to unfold. Don’t try and ruin it and push for answers. They WILL come to you when it’s their time.
  • Leave behind the people that constantly weigh you down with their drama and toxicity.
    It might be a really close friend that you love unconditionally, an acquaintance, or even a work colleague. You’ve been there for them, but at some point their constant drama, their constant negativity, their constant toxic thoughts ends up bringing you down. Don’t let them be part of the new year. Have them around, but keep them at a distance.
  • Do not chase love.
    It is so easy to believe that if you want someone so badly that nothing keep you two apart – to the point it consumes you and you start obsessing and thinking over every gesture, text, phone call. Don’t. Don’t chase it. If it is meant to happen, and if the two of you know what you want, and are on the same wavelength, then it will happen. Don’t force it, it will all fall into place at the moment it is supposed to.
  • It is never too late to study, complete that degree, or take up a new language.
    I love studying. I love languages. Call me a nerd. And anyone who wants to take up a course, or finish off a degree they started, or even add another degree to their repetoire, has my vote. You don’t have to “finish” your studies by 25 because you “need to get married”, or some other rubbish like that. Did you want to take up a degree in journalism? Did you want to learn French? Don’t listen to anyone – DO it. Take up that art course, take up that music lesson – the world is rich with possibilities, do what makes YOU happy.
  • Curb the self-hate and self-loathing.
    I’m guilty of self-loathing. And I keep telling myself that I look terrible, I am fat and I’m just worthless. Someone very dear to me told me that it upset them when I was so self-deprecating. And then I realized, I’m giving out a really pathetic vibe when I’m saying this. So if you feel down on yourself and hate something about yourself, remember you are beautiful the way you are. Change if you truly want to, but the ones who care about you the most will love you unconditionally no matter what. Remember that.
  • Do something spontaneous for the people you care about.
    Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Say “I love you” unexpectedly to your parents, say ‘thank-you’ to a friend for having your back. They won’t expect it and it’s just a little spontaneous gesture that will make their day just that much better. Or, if you can manage it – book a flight. Go visit a friend who you haven’t seen in a while. Cook a favorite meal for your partner. Tell them how much you appreciate what they do for you… Just do something at the spur-of-the-moment, it is fun, refreshing and brings tremendous amount of happiness to people around you.
  • Spare a hug.
    I’m a hugger. Hugs for me are almost cathartic, and they make me feel warm and fuzzy. I give them to people because I know that sometimes, someone just needs it. Try it. You never know who might feel just that much happier after one.
  • If you’ve made a mistake, accept it but don’t try and prove you’re always right.
    We all make some pretty big errors, and that’s really very okay. However, instead of going on the defensive and trying to deflect, accept it. Embrace it. If you’ve hurt someone, ask them for forgiveness, without diving into too much of a defensive explanation and then move on. You’ll have a happier heart.
  • Make a fun style change.
    Change your hair color. Cut your hair. Add extensions. Buy new make up. Splurge on an item of clothing that is a little different to what you usually wear but is bold and refreshing. It doesn’t have to be a major change, but try something new just to jazz things up a bit and I guarantee you will get a boost of confidence.
  • Let go of the idea that everyone is talking about you.
    There are people who do enjoy being mean-spirited or having a tendency to be two-faced. And that’s alright. That is how they bide their time, and you can’t stop it. However, please let go of the notion that every time friends get together without you, they’re discussing you, they’re discussing your shortcomings and they’re basically conspiring against you. You’ll not only drive yourself crazy, you might drive other people crazy too.
  • You can’t please everyone.
    I learnt this the hard way. I learnt that even if people are lovely to your face, they could have a nasty thing to say about you behind your back. Don’t ever think that you shouldn’t do something because xyz may not approve. Don’t hold back. Do what you love, and do it without hesitation. Not everyone will like it, but that is a risk you need to take – as long as you know you aren’t hurting people in the bargain and intentionally stepping on toes.
  • Let 2017 be the year you give more time to yourself.
    Spare some time to focus on your well-being. It could be taking time off social media. It could be self-reflection time. It could be picking up a book and finding a quiet corner and reading. We are all so caught up in our lives, with work and other committments that we neglect looking after ourselves and taking some time out just to be at peace and at one with ourselves. Take half an hour out of your busy day and focus on you, and you’ll notice that you feel a sense of calm when you spend that time alone.
  • If you are broken, take the time to heal.
    Bad relationships, a broken heart, a toxic friendship – lots of things could have hurt you in the previous year. Allow yourself to heal and mend in this year. Allow yourself to cry and feel hurt, but pick yourself up and fix those broken pieces. Forgive the ones that hurt you, even if they aren’t in your life, and most importantly – FORGIVE YOURSELF.
  • Be carefree, fierce and happy.
    Find your inner happiness. Be carefree. Stop over-analysing everything before you do it. Be confident, strong and embrace life with all it’s moments and accept that everything doesn’t change, and you aren’t expected to change it for anyone. Don’t change yourself to ‘fit’ with your partner, don’t rely on the best laid plans, and most importantly – do what you love and love what you do.

Hope 2017 is your year to shine.








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